There are many solutions for creating an online store. We have used many of these, such as Shopify, ETSY, eBay, Amazon, Lightspeed, but we generally suggest that WooCommerce suits most small businesses and start-ups.
It is straightforward to set up and run. Offers various payment systems and shipping options, together with promotions, discounts, coupons and more.
You can see a very simple example of an online WooCommerce store on this site. We have set up a simple shop displaying wooden building blocks so that you can see what it can look like. Obviously, styling and colour scheme can be changed to suit your branding and look and feel, along with many of the elements are customisable.
We will ensure that the style of the shop matches the rest of your website.
Another option, if you only have a handful of products to sell, is to use PayPal buttons. This does not require a full online store, and no shopping cart system is used. Just a simple button incorporated next to images and descriptions of what is for sale. The customers pays via PayPal and this is credited to your PayPal account. The simplest of systems, and very easily managed.