Bringing your website to life is key to getting your customers to interact with your message. Hive Storytellers is a group with huge experience in spoken word. However, they were struggling to present their story in an interactive and engaging way with their online presence.

Diane Gray is a producer with Hive Storytellers. She was tasked with overseeing the implementation of a new website, and hence was looking for someone to help and advise on all the requirements the project had.  Ralph Coulson at Design and Web stepped in to create a brand-new online presence. He has brought their website to life in an engaging way.

Multi Faceted Project

The project is multi-faceted but also had urgency, with the need to be online and working before Easter. The group has created a Fantastical Audio Trail for Hirst Park, Ashington in Northumberland which is be active over the Easter weekend. The site needed to host the audio and pictorial assets for the event and have them available for download.

In addition to the time constraints and download capabilities, the site needed to be user friendly, not just for visitors but also for the Hive Storytellers team. Being able to update news and meetings information was key to the brief. Ralph was able to add training and ease of use, so that when the site went live Diane was confidently adding news items.

The group has also produced a fantastical trail for Hareside School to run for it’s pupils over the Easter period. This trail is not available to the public, however, Design and Web was able to aid in the creation of the assets and the way these were digitally prepared for the school to use.

Bringing your website to life

Ralph has brought the new Hive Storytellers website to life with brand themed colours and graphics. The addition of the animated images has helped bring to life the engaging audio content the group has produced.

We are delighted with the feedback and testimonial.